Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping

Saturday Feb. 28
10:30 am to 11:50 am
THISTLE 253 e-classroom

In this session, Prof. Biktimirov will introduce Mind Mapping – a powerful visual tool for non-linear representations of ideas and their relationships. By using colours, images, and key words, mind maps engage both sides of human brain and increase its learning potential. Prof. Biktimirov has published a book chapter and a journal article on using mind mapping for teaching, and has conducted numerous presentations on this topic. Join us to learn how you can use mind mapping for teaching and learning.

Facilitator: Professor Ernest Bikitimirov, Department of Finance, Goodman School of Business

Registration is required.  Should you be unable to attend please de-register on-line or contact CPI at cpita@brocku.ca.


Participation in this session will earn 1 TA credit towards the completion of a TA Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

For additional information about the TA Certificate programs contact cpita@brocku.ca


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