About 3MT®

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition was initially developed by the University of Queensland in 2008, soon followed by other Australian and New Zealand universities, culminating in the first Trans Tasman competition held in 2010. 3MT® has spread internationally: from Tokyo, London, Edinburgh, Vienna, to Vancouver and now Ontario. UBC ran the first Canadian competition in 2011; Queen’s and Western held competitions in 2012, challenging sister institutions to join in a province-wide competition.

Brock’s  3MT® Challenge:  
Since 2013, Brock has held an annual 3MT® Challenge for master’s and PhD students. The winner of Brock’s challenge is awarded $500 and runner-up $250. The 3MT® Challenge is organized by VITAE Essential Skills as part of the year-round MNK events leading up to conference day.

Ontario 3MT® contest:  
Brock’s winner advances to the Ontario contest that brings together students from across the province and across multiple disciplines and provides them with a unique opportunity to learn about each other’s research activities. In addition to hearing presentations, graduate students will have ample opportunity to discuss more fully their research with other presenters, graduate students and faculty who attend the event. In addition to contributing in this way to a province-wide research culture, the provincial competition also encourages the development of professional skills for graduate students.

Canada’s 3MT® Awards
:   Canadian Association for Graduate Studies (CAGS) is the host of Canada’s 3MT® Awards. This virtual event is typically held in June each year. A national champion is chosen from eleven finalists from three regional competitions (Western, Eastern and Ontario).

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