Grad Course: Advanced Writing Seminar

Looking for support to improve your academic writing?

Consider enrolling in EDUC 5P94: Advanced Writing Seminar. This graduate course provides an interdisciplinary approach to scholarly writing and publishing. We explore stages of the writing and publishing cycle in relation to personal interests, and a sense of self as writer. The course is open to students from all disciplines.

NOTE: Full-time graduate students may register as an Extra Course with permission from your Graduate Program Director. Additional tuition charges apply only if you pay tuition per credit; otherwise, the course can be included in your per term tuition rate.

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Students may be able to audit the course if space allows.

The main learning objective for this course is for each student to develop a scholarly manuscript suitable for publication in a peer-review outlet. To achieve this overall objective, students will:

  • engage in active writing exercises,
  • become familiar with books and resources related to academic writing,
  • develop enhanced skills in the mechanics of writing,
  • consider different publishing style manuals,
  • explore academic journals and publishing standards,
  • apply disciplinary standards to academic writing,
  • give and receive feedback about academic writing, and
  • participate in a writing community.

Students are encouraged to work with an existing course paper or a section from a thesis, major research paper, or dissertation.

Register now and come write with us next term! Have a paper to submit for publication by the end of term.

Next scheduled course offering:   Winter 2017  –  Thursday evenings 6:00–9:00 p.m., Room ST105

For more information please contact:  Dr. Michelle McGinn & Dr. Snežana Ratković