Theory and Practice of Service-Learning (GRST 5P02)

Graduate Studies Courses

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation are pleased to offer the following graduate level courses. Students from all Faculties are welcome to apply.
Instructor: Prof. Madelyn Law
Commences: Friday, Sept. 16, 10 to 11 a.m., ST 103 (classes continue every second week)

The course provides students with the opportunity to learn about best practices in academic and community collaborations and partnerships while gaining valuable real world experience. Students will meet bi-weekly throughout the year to discuss core principles in service learning and will engage in a community-based project in their field of interest. This course will allow students to understand how their skills and knowledge are transferable to work environments while also allowing for a positive contribution to a community organization.

Students will:

  • identify the theoretical perspectives that position community-based experiences within the service learning literature
  • share approaches, strategies and best practices with a cohort of graduate students from multiple disciplines and perspectives
  • participate in active service learning projects within the community
  • describe, verbally and in writing, the transferrable skills/competencies acquired through the service learning involvement such as teamwork, problem solving, communication and leadership

For more information about the course and to learn more about the application process please contact Dr. Madelyn Law, Service Learning Faculty Associate,, 905 688 5550, x 5386

The completion of a GRST course appears on the Brock academic transcript.

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