, developed by the Ontario Consortium for Graduate Professional Skills, hosts a variety of introductory online modules related to professional skill development. These free modules are a ‘sampling’ of topics ( to write a resume, how to conduct a job search, the art of entrepreneurship, teaching and learning.) that you can view at your convenience.

Would you like to explore career options, uncover your hidden assets & talents, engage in new learning experiences, or make sense of your rich complement of graduate skills?

Visit The Vitae Partners calendar to learn about workshops, events, services and resources to assist you in your transition from grad studies to a career path.

We encourage you to actively take part in a range of professional development activities during your time at Brock.  Our Vitae campus partners offer a comprehensive range of professional development opportunities & services; including workshops, conferences, onsite skills training, consultations, coaching & mentoring.

Vitae: Essential Skills Program for Graduate Studentsit’s the course of YOUR life!

*Please note that workshop credits will not be credited nor transferred to toward the following Brock certificate programs:  Vitae Essential Skills Certificate,  GradPlus transcript or the TA Workshop certificate