A-Z Learning Services

A-Z Learning Services offers programs tailored to respond to the needs of graduate students, recognizing your existing skills and discipline-specific knowledge.

We offer individual consultations, online resources, and group workshops.

In consultations, an A-Z Instructor will work with you to identify and strengthen your skills based on your individual needs.  In workshops, you participate in small groups to practice specific skills and share your ideas and experiences with other graduate students.  In addition to our scheduled workshops, you can order group sessions for four or more graduate students on a variety of topics, including writing skills, poster presentations, conference etiquette, and many other topics. Your group decides the topics to be covered in the sessions and we’ll schedule the sessions at times convenient for everyone.

You can also have access to Essay-Zone™, our Online Academic Writing Workshop (please visit academic-zone.com to see a demo of this tool).

These opportunities allow you to explore, discuss, and practice skills to support your academic success.  Our workshops have added value when you move on to a career, and can also be listed on your GradPlus transcript.

Examples of workshops/services

Workshops provide an opportunity for discussion, practice, and exploration of various topics such as:

  • Literature Reviews
  • Advanced Persuasive Writing
  • Advanced Critical Thinking
  • Précis or Abstracts
  • Advanced Revising and Editing
  • Documentation (e.g., APA, ASA, MLA, Chicago)
  • Advanced Grammar and Style
  • Scientific Writing
  • Poster Presentations
  • Advanced Time Management
  • Conference Etiquette
  • A topic of your choice

In addition to scheduled workshops, four or more graduate students may order workshops tailored to their particular needs and scheduled at times convenient for the group.  To request workshops, or to share your ideas for workshop topics, please email learning@brocku.ca.

“The instructor I worked with did such an exemplary job that my graduate supervisor noticed an immediate improvement in my scientific writing abilities.  Her working knowledge of scientific topics allowed for a more critical and insightful writing consultation.”
— Drew Marquardt, PhD candidate Physics and Vanier scholar


A-Z Learning Services
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