Theory & Practice of University Teaching (GRST 5P01)

Graduate Studies Courses

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation are pleased to offer the following graduate level courses. Students from all Faculties are welcome to apply.

Instructors: Jill Grose and Lianne Fisher, CPI

Commences: Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2 to 4:30 p.m., ST 103 (classes continue every second week; when there is a university closure the class will resume the following week)

The non-credit course explores the theories and practices of teaching in the post-secondary environment. Students will engage in experiential approaches to course planning, instructional methods, evaluation and assessment, and reflective practice.

Students will:

  • identify and connect major theoretical perspectives in instructional design, student learning, assessment, and reflective practice
  • practice instructional and presentation skills in micro teaching sessions
  • identify and develop formative and summative assessment strategies
  • practice skills in giving and receiving feedback
  • write a statement of teaching philosophy
  • create a teaching dossier representing significant teaching experiences and growth

The completion of a GRST course appears on the Brock academic transcript.

Information on Courses:
Please contact Jill Grose at x4392 or email:

Information on Registration:
Please complete the Course Registration/Withdrawl form found here, obtain approval from your program and submit the completed and signed form to the Faculty of Graduate Studies who will manually register you.

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