Vitae Essential Skills Program

Vitae Essential Skills Program:

Vitae offers a series of workshops, programs and resources tailored to your unique interests that will provide you with the essential professional skills and competencies that employers are seeking. Regardless of your career aspirations, our enhanced professional development training will provide you with career agility. The Vitae Partners offer a range of supplemental quality programs and services to assist you in developing, translating and expressing your unique collection of experiences, academic and professional skills.   You’ll be inspired and prepared to design a meaningful and fulfilling career path that responds to the dynamic and shifting world of work. Vitae: Essential Skills Program for Graduate Students — it’s the course of YOUR life! How to participate?

How does the Vitae program work for you?

1.  Collect Your Experiences

Every Vitae workshop you attend will be tracked & uploaded to a digital transcript or repository that has been established for you by Career Services. The GradPlus transcript is an official Brock University document that showcases your “co-curricular” accomplishments — how and where you’ve gained the skills through the experiences you’ve made outside of your academic work. A Grad Plus transcript is the best way to keep track of a busy graduate student career. And, it’s the best way to collect your activities for showcasing in a digital portfolio or to present to a potential employer. Learn about the transcript here >> 

2.  Design your skill development & training

 Vitae Essential Skills Certificate:  The Vitae Partners are a group of campus partners who closely follow the national dialogues and track current reports on competency-based learning and skill development areas that are most predictive of employment success. The top 3 identified skill areas most sought after in the workplace are;

  • Communication skills
  • Collaborative leadership
  • Higher order skills (problem solving, critical thinking, analytical skills)

The Vitae Certificate, endorsed by the Dean of Graduate Studies, provides additional credentialing and evidence of your training and specialized skill development. For details about the certificate, visit here >>

3.  Make sense of your skills & training

SHIFT Conference & Workshop SHIFT is an annual capstone professional skills conference for graduate students aimed to shift your thinking:

  • From ‘learning to earning’
  • About your disciplinary knowledge to consider/reflect on your existing transferrable skills
  • From working within academia to consider other sectoral options (career agility)
  • About finding a job to the possibility of creating a job (entrepreneurial thinking)
  • About volunteer work and the value of building a professional network