We are all writers. In academia, every facet of our work life is connected to one or more forms of writing. So, we decided to create a space to foster writing and engage in discussion about the craft of writing.

All members of the broader graduate community (grad students, faculty and staff) are invited to drop-in and take part in creating a ‘mid-week’ space for writing.

Every Wednesday, noon to 3:00 p.m.

Location: Thistle 253 (TH)

Each 3-hour session will begin with a 20 min facilitated conversation or presentation on topics related to writer and writing. The rest of the time; we’ll write. You are welcome to bring your laptop, writing resources and your lunch!

Winter Term- #WriterlyWednesday Schedule:

Wednesday, Sept. 13: Creating Your Writing Practice
Only you can create and commit to a habit of writing thats right for you to help you both flourish and finish. Together, we’ll discuss and share insights and tips we’ve gained on our writing practices.
Karen Julien,  PhD. Education

Wednesday, Sept. 20: Finding Your Writer’s Voice & Identity
Have you considered why you write and to whom you are writing to? How do you want to be known. Are you ready to make some courageous changes? In this session, we’ll address these big questions and help you discover your writer’s voice and identity.
Snežana Ratković, Faculty of Education

Finding your writing voice activity

Wednesday, Sept. 27: Writing for Funding 
Writing for funders is a process the marries strategic development and persuasive prose. During this session, we will discuss a general ‘recipe’ that you can use to inform the actual writing of your application components.

Rachel Hirsch, Office of Research Studies

10 do’s and don’ts for grant applicants University Affairs
SSHRC Insight Grants Description
SSHRC Insight Grants Description

Academic vs Grant Writing

Apply for funding – Doctoral Awards

SSHRC Insight DevelopmentGrants Description

Wednesday, October 4: Creative Writing: Speed Thesis

Wednesday, October 11: Reading Week Free Write

Wednesday, October 18: Creative Writing: #tweetyourresearch
Twitter allows only 140 characters per message or “tweet”. That’s around 20 to 25 words on average. How can online media like Twitter posts, be harnessed to inspire and guide concise writing? In this activity, students will write brief tweets to share their research, and reflect on the benefits and drawbacks of “writing short.”
Stacia Heaton, VITAE Faculty of Graduate Studies

Wednesday, October 25: Grammar Refresher
This workshop will focus on exercises to identify areas of focus. 
2.Sentence Fragments, Run-On Sentences, Comma Splices
3.Punctuation (commas, semi-colons, colons)
Monica Drenth, A-Z Learning Services

Grad grammar 20 minutes

Wednesday, November 1: Sketchnoting: Using Visual Notes to Structure Your Writing
Explore non-linear methods of organizing information to record, brainstorm, plan, and communicate your ideas. Giulia Forsythe, Centre for Pedagogical Innovation


Wednesday, November 8: Abstract Writing for Conferences
Looking for a few best practices when writing a conference abstract? Join this informal discussion as we dissect short articles that share tips and tricks for writing abstracts.
Karen Bordonaro, Library Services

Wednesday, November 15: Creative writing
I am first with five
Then seven in the middle —
Five again to end
Need a little creative boost? We will use the format of Haiku writing to think of creative words and phrases that describe your current writing piece.
Stacia Heaton, VITAE Faculty of Graduate Studies


Wednesday, November 22: Feeling like a Fraud? Write it off
It’s common for graduate students to feel underqualified and unprepared despite tremendous skills and accomplishments. Let’s talk about these feelings and how to move beyond them.
Snežana Ratković, Faculty of Education

Wednesday, November 29: Who Says What? Writing and Citing
Who Says What? Writing and Citing. Practice sharpening your papers during this session on citing best practice session and activity to help you focus on establishing authorial presence when embedding citations in your work. Michelle McGinn, Faculty of Education

Wednesday, December 6: Procrastination

Wednesday, December 13: #WriterlyWednesday Social